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Larry M. Cooper, CPA is a well seasoned Finance Executive with a panache of Entrepreneurialism. He is the Business Partner that every CEO, Owner/Manager and Executive Team requires to help grow their business and/or sustain your company in these difficult economic times.

Larry has a wealth of direct experience in many different industries (Pharmaceutical, Biologicals, CPG, Food, Retail, Automotive,) in all sectors of the economy (Manufacturing, Distribution, Service, Retail) operating in all of the different organization structures (public, private, owner managed, multinational) that Larry has acquired through his many years as a CFO.

Larry is available for either short term assignments or ongoing consulting.

Contact Larry M. Cooper CPA, who can help you grow your company profitably through his 5 step process:

  1. Initial Consultation: Review all aspects of your business
  2. Identify: what are the areas for improvement
  3. Investigate: these opportunities
  4. Action plan: implement the opportunities
  5. Ongoing Business Meeting: monitor, implementing the opportunities.

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Secrets of a Savvy CFO to Run Your Business Successfully

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