Red to Black

Secrets of a Savvy CFO to Run Your Business Successfully

The book RedtoBlack outlines all the typical fundamental areas and subjects handled in a finance department. This is especially important for non-financial executives who may not have the background in finance and have to rely extensively on their CFO. RedtoBlack will quickly accelerate your learning curve about what is important in a finance department, what questions to ask to get the most out of that department and how to best deploy the finance team to be value adders to your business.

In this book the business owner reader gets the benefit of being introduced to the many processes and sound financial fundamentals that represent the disciplined approach for operating a business that Larry as a CFO has implemented in many businesses and those that have been important to the good management of the businesses.

This book would absolutely be of assistance to any Owner/Manager. There are many things taught for an Owner/Manager that are best practices. It is a great reference source to any Owner/Manager.

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About The Author

Larry M. Cooper, CPA is a well seasoned Finance Executive with a panache of Entrepreneurialism. He is the Business Partner that every CEO, Owner/Manager and Executive Team requires to help grow their business and/or sustain your company in these difficult economic times.

Larry has a wealth of direct experience in many different industries (Pharmaceutical, Biologicals, CPG, Food, Retail, Automotive,) in all sectors of the economy (Manufacturing, Distribution, Service, Retail) operating in all of the different organization structures (public, private, owner managed, multinational) that Larry has acquired through his many years as a CFO.

Larry is available for either short term assignments or ongoing consulting.

Contact Larry M. Cooper CPA, who can help you grow your company profitably through his 5 step process:
1. Initial Consultation: Review all aspects of your business
2. Identify: what are the areas for improvement
3. Investigate: these opportunities
4. Action plan: implement the opportunities
5. Ongoing Business Meeting: monitor, implementing the opportunities.

Red to Black

Secrets of a Savvy CFO to Run Your Business Successfully

Chapter 1 – Starting a Company-What do you need

outline of the software and structure for your company’s set of books

Chapter 2 – Keeping the Government off your back

Key compliance activities necessary so that the various government departments are satisfied

Chapter 3 – Cash is King

The components of cash and how to manage it well

Chapter 4 – Whats the Score-Financial Statements

Explanation of what are Financial Statements and intriguing info about them

Chapter 5 – What gets measured, gets done

What are Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and why every business has them

Chapter 6 – Managing your business with Financial Tools

Budgets, Financial Forecasts and how they fit into a well run business

Chapter 7 – Using Financial Tools in all areas of the Business

Applying the concepts of Financial Forecasting to sales and inventory management

Chapter 8 – Managing your Team

Practical info on good HR policies/processes and managing your people

Chapter 9 – The Effective Finance Team

Best practices in well run finance teams and who is on the team

Chapter 10 – Special Projects-Analysis, Forensic Accounting

Areas beyond fundamentals that good finance teams perform

Chapter 11 – Speciality Areas-Income Taxes, Insurance

Wise advice on taxes. Description of all the external advisors you need

Red to Black

Secrets of a Savvy CFO to Run Your Business Successfully

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